hey I'm Penny!

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hey I'm Penny! Empty hey I'm Penny!

Post by Penny on Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:58 pm

Hey! I'ts Penny again^^ Cool

so, you may know me from the lexicon.
my name is Linda, I am 15, and from Germany.
I'm a (new) member of Team Edward, because he is just - wow^.

now some (crazy Rolling Eyes ) facts about me:
-i love the twilight books (like everyone else here^)
-i like music (especially Evanescence ^^tongue )
-i've got a fat cat
-i hate clowns
-i am playing a nurse at a stage play at my school
-my favorite colors are orange and purple
-i don't know why i have chosen my nickname
-until i was six, i lived in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (but i was born in Germany)
-i'm laughing a lot
-i enjoy drawing (it's my favorite hobby..) Smile
-and i am (in some crazy was) like Bella.. it sometimes scares me ..lol^^

so, at least i think - thats all!
see you all around!

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