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Post by lessispixie on Sat Dec 29, 2007 6:32 pm

i don't know what to write, so...
*pulls out a crumpled list of ideas*

Lex username?


username, obviously, is lessispixie. most of my friends call me pixie;
it was my RL nickname, but my real name is taryn. you can call me
pixie, little t, tata, taryn, or really anything else polite. or even
impolite--as long as it's funny.

well, i'm kind of a
jack-of-all-trades, master of none. :3 but my favorite things? visual
arts (painting, designing tattoos, illustrating), reading (dry, geeky
research type stuff, the types of novels they assign in lit classes,
and good fiction, i'm also a hopeless romantic), and language study.

like chocolate, dogs, civility, passionate beliefs, agreeing to
disagree, long letters, second chances, postcards, gentleness, waking
up early, staying up late, vivid dreams, children, and old people.

dislike snap judgements, paranoia, impoliteness based on personal
dislike, things that make me itch, having my face touched, having anything massaged, cattiness, passive aggression, and being late.

there it is. hi everyone! ^__^
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