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Paulina's party! Empty Paulina's party!

Post by Paulina x on Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:43 pm

I walked into the giant blue and gold room and could only stare in awe... it was beautiful.. with balloons that covered the ceiling! i ran over to thank Alice and Rose for all the hard work!

'No problem, it was quite fun!' Alice said brining me to my seat.

the tables were shaped in a giat horseshoe with myself and Edward seated in the middle, and then the cullen family on eaither side. The sided of the shape were reserved for friends!

i was so exited i couldn't even wait for the food which consisted of pleanty of meat for the cullens and a dessert buffet filled to the brim with cupcakes, muffins and a huge 7 layer cake!Wink

Edward slowly came up to me, took my hand and bowed
'Will you have this dance?' he asked

'Of course.' i replied standing up and for once noticing the DJ playing the music in the corner of the dance floor...

okay everyone.. it's your turn... what happend at your table? who did you dance with? what was the food like? have fun!!Very Happy and thank you for comeing! you all get a goody bag filled with cupcakes !! Very Happy
Paulina x
Paulina x
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Paulina's party! Empty Re: Paulina's party!

Post by Bella Masen Cullen on Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:59 pm

BMC: This is super fun! And the food is delish! I love pasta pasta pasta!
Edward Clone: *chuckles* Of course you do.
BMC: *smiles and piles more food into mouth* Mmmm-mmmm!
Edward Clone: *eyes the food in confusion*
BMC: *notices Edward's odd glance* Well, it's not like Paulina could get a mountain lion in here! Hmmm *ponders, and then an evil grin takes over my face*

I cut myself a piece of cake and grab my fork, breaking off a piece. I stick it in my mouth and smile; the cake is delicious. I break off another piece and look at my Edward clone, still grinning evilly. Edward seems to realise what I'm planning to do, and his eyes widen. Before he can react any further, I stick the fork into his mouth and laugh maniacally.

Edward Clone: *swallows cake with a disgusted look on his face* BELLA! YOU'RE GOING TO PAY FOR THAT! *gets out of seat*
BMC: Shocked Uhhh...
Edward Clone: *picks me up and hoists me over shoulders*
BMC: *beats his back, to no avail* EDWARD! EDWARD! YOU'RE RUINING MY DRESS!

Pretty much everyone in the hall is staring at us by now, many of them attempting to stifle their excaping giggles.

Edward Clone: You're not getting out of this, you brought it upon yourself! *looks at me, this time he's the one grinning evilly*

The music speeds up and Edward takes me to the dancefloor, spinning me around continuously. I start laughing and he stops spinning me.

Edward Clone: That didn't work, did it?
BMC: Nope, that was awsome!
Edward Clone: *chuckles* Bella, Bella, Bella, you really are something.
Bella Masen Cullen
Bella Masen Cullen

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Paulina's party! Empty Re: Paulina's party!

Post by Twilightvampire17 on Thu Jun 21, 2007 2:22 pm

I sat watching as BMC was spun around and around by her Edward.
I wanted to join in so I nudged Mason, and pointed at BMC with a sad look on my face.
He then percieded to pick me up, and take me to the dance floor to spin me around.
after about 50 spins I had, had enough.
Mason saw this, picked me up again,
and took me outside, and into the trees.......................................................

Paulina's party! Whenforeverbegins3
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Paulina's party! Empty Re: Paulina's party!

Post by Moonlessnight on Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:19 pm

*watches TV17 leave* W-O-W. *turns to clone* Are you gonna ask me to dance?
Clone: *smiles* Of course. You want to dance?
MN: *starts dancing with Edward, sees BMC being finally let down and running out of building* Ummm... I think I should go see if she needs a bucket.......

Paulina's party! Pic_2365
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Paulina's party! Empty Re: Paulina's party!

Post by auburnhairedbella on Thu Jun 21, 2007 4:31 pm

I watched moonlessnight chase after BMC from my spot in the corner.
Well my Cullen family this really was a good clone wedding...
Jasper grunts. There was far too much lust going around for his taste anyway...
"Jasper?" I ask tenatively.
He turns and looks with questions in his eyes "Yes AHB?"
"Will you to dance with me? I bought this dress and I mean I have to use it for something..."
He looks at Alice who is smiling and nodding where she's dancing with her grand nephew.
Jasper leads me onto the floor where we steal the show with our fast turns and amazing moves. this night gets better as I switch partners every few minutes between the real Edward and the real Carlise.
As I pass by the gift table I toss up mine for P and keep on with the dancing.

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Paulina's party! Empty Re: Paulina's party!

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