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Paulina's wedding Empty Paulina's wedding

Post by Paulina x on Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:33 pm

here is my dress and hair:

my dress

and Edward Johnny Jensen Cullen's tux! Very Happy

and the tux!

i stood shaking in my room, all i could do was tremble and think about the coming moments. My friends stood around me whispering encouraging words, but i wasn't paying attention. I was thinking about him....

'Paulina, are you in there darling?' came his voice

'Edward John Jensen Cullen, don't you dare open that door!' i yelled

'Why not pumpkin? I want to see you, the wedding is about to start!'

'Don't you know it's bad luck to see a bride before the wedding?'

'alright, i'll just have to wait... see you at the end of the aisle my sweet.' he called as he walked to his spot

'Are you ready?' my best friend Jeff called opening the door

'Yes' i said taking his arm into mine and proceding down the aisle

the walk was nerve-racking, i saw my beautiful clone waiting for me at the end of the aisle, and knew this was it. Finally, Jeff gave my hand to Edward and i proceded up the steps to Carlisle.

most of the talking went by so quickly, i could barely understand what was comeing out of my mouth.. i was lost in Edward's beautiful eyes. but then, came our vows

'The couple has written their own vows for each other.' Carlisle explained 'Edward, repeat after me, i, Edward Johnny Jensen Cullen.'

'I Edward Johnny Jensen Cullen'

'take Paulina x to be my wife, for richer, or poorer, for better or for worse. I promise to love her for all eternity and change her into a vampire.' Carlisle said reciting the last part rather quickly

'what?!' Edward whispered quietly just enough so i could here him. 'We didn't agree on that!.'

'fine then, don't marry me.' i replied with a grin, ever so quietly.

Edward recited his lines with a hint of aggrivation. I managed to repeat my lines (with the vampire part of course) without bursting into laughter.

'You may now kiss the bride' Carlisle said with a grin on his face

Edward kissed me passionatly without pausing for a moment

'I now pronounce you, husband and wife!' Carlisle beamed.

i kissed Edward back wondering about how this could get any better!

'get a room!' Jake hissed from the back rows

Edward and i stopped for a moment only to see an angry Esme whisper to Jasper and Emmett, who immediatly put huge, sly, grins on their faces and took Jake out of the room.

Finally, after everyone had cleared the room exept for my new family, Edward pinned me against the wall.

'I can't belive i just agreed to change you.' he breathed

'I guess you just love me that much!' i said hypnotized by his eyes.

'Fine, but it has to be after the reception.' he growled

'Alright... let's go, we can't be late to our own party!' i said grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the door.

yay! everyone is invited to my reception! come one over guys!!
Paulina x
Paulina x
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Post by Bella Masen Cullen on Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:42 pm

Congrats Paulina! I'll head over to the reception hall right now! *hugs*
Bella Masen Cullen
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Post by Twilightvampire17 on Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:49 pm


Paulina's wedding Whenforeverbegins3
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Post by Moonlessnight on Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:08 pm

OMG! Congrats!! I need to see some more weddings, but then I'll be right over!!

Paulina's wedding Pic_2365
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