Mr. and Mrs. Mason Dalton Raymond's reception!

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Mr. and Mrs. Mason Dalton Raymond's reception!

Post by Twilightvampire17 on Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:25 pm

Mason and I walk into the hall, (which is level three of the Cullen house)
Mason takes my face in his hands, and kisses me full on. He doesn't pull back, whats the point? I'll be a vampire soon. MN, SR, Nachos, BMC, and AHB come up to me gushing.

Me-"Thanks guys for all your help." *hugs*

MN-"Oh it was our pleasure." *hugs back*

BMC-"Yes it was."

Nachos- *crying* *hugs*

AHB-"Oh thank you TV17! We love you!"

SR-"aww shucks, without me, the'red me no wedding."
(To Mason) "So do you have deformed toes?"

I walk away from the little group to find Elijah, I was still in love with him, I wonder if Mason would let us keep in touch with him? I was positive, I mean I loved my vamp-boy but, I still had to have my Best friend. Edward came up behind me, and I knew he was reading my mind.

Edward- "He will don't worry, he just wants you to be happy."
He smiled down at me.
Me- "Thanks Edward, I guess you would know."
Edward- "Well I do know everything don't I?"
Edward- "Well, um....Go find your Mason."
Me-"I will." *runs off*

I see Mason, alone, standing by the trees.
I run over he smiles down at me.
Mason- "Hey Mrs. Raymond."
Me-"Hey Mr. Raymond."
Mason-"Time for dancing."
Me-"Oh yeah."

Hey guys this is an open script, so fill in whatever you wish.
I have an ending. (so don't change me yet.)


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Re: Mr. and Mrs. Mason Dalton Raymond's reception!

Post by Bella Masen Cullen on Thu Jun 21, 2007 1:48 pm

BMC: Hey Moonlessnight, check out TV17 and Mason on the dancefloor!
MN: Woot, do they even notice that there are other people here?

We laugh.

BMC: *Takes a bite of yummy pasta* Look at what a cute couple they are.
Nachos: Just darling!
BMC: *Sighs* *Turns to my Edward clone* Hey, want to go dance?
Edward Clone: Of course, honey!

My Edward Clone and I head out to the dancefloor and begin dancing next to Twilightvampire17 and Mason.

BMC: Congrats you two! You seem to be enjoying yourselves!
TV17: Thanks Bella! I'm so happy! *snuggles close to Mason*

And we all dance the night away...
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Re: Mr. and Mrs. Mason Dalton Raymond's reception!

Post by Moonlessnight on Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:24 pm

Me: *watches BMC run off and start dancing* *sneaks bite of pasta*
Edward Clone: Want to dance?
Me: Of course!! *takes his hand and walks to dance floor* Hey, TV17, just want to say congrats!
BMC: (to her edward clone) I'll be right back. *walks up to me* MN, did you take a bite of my pasta?
Me:Ummm... no! *starts running away*

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Post by Katie on Sun Jun 24, 2007 12:57 pm

Congrats TV17 and MDR.

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Re: Mr. and Mrs. Mason Dalton Raymond's reception!

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