Twilightvampire17 and Mason Dalton Raymond's wedding

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Twilightvampire17 and Mason Dalton Raymond's wedding

Post by Twilightvampire17 on Wed Jun 20, 2007 7:50 pm

My dress:

Edward’s Tux:


The meadow


I look down the aisle, nervously. Was I
ready for this? Kelly smiles at me, comfortingly. Edward walks up to
me, and asks “Are you ready?”

“I’m not sure.” I respond.
I take once last glance, and then grab my bouquet.
The music starts, and the doors open.
Nachos walks down first. I can see my Edward clone standing at the
front looking amazing, with Elijah right by him.
I link arms with Edward, and start my
what seemed like forever walk down the aisle. My Edward clone takes
my hand, and the ceremony begins.

“We are here today to celebrate the
union of Twilightvampire17 and Mason Dalton Raymond.” Carlisle
states. “Does anyone have any objections?”

"Yes I do." I voice rings

I turn to see who is speaking out, and
see Jacob Black.

"I can't let any woman, marry any
monster such as he."
Jacob pointed at Mason.

"Oh and then you loved Bella,
because.....?" Edward Snorted.

I shot Emmett a desperate look. He
nodded. I turned back to Mason, and saw out the
corner of my eye, Emmett take Jacob away, only after duck-taping is
month shut.

“Shall we go on?” Carlisle asked

“We shall.” Mason smiled down at

“Mason and TV17 have chosen to recite
there own vows.” Carlisle announced.

“TV17, I give thee this ring, so we
as one may live an eternal life of happiness, and peace together.”

Mason spoke his lines, without looking
away from my face,

I spoke as he slipped his ring on my

“Mason Dalton Raymond, I give give
thee this ring, so we may live an eternal life of happiness and peace

I to never looked from his face, as I
slipped my ring on his finger.We then spoke our last lines in union.

"I promise you forever, I promise your
mine, I promise you always, I promise me with another you'll never

There was a moment of utter silence as
we looked into each others eyes.

“You may now kiss the bride.”
Carlisle boomed out.

Mason leaned down and his mouth met my
neck where he then kissed it gently, and whispered in my ear,

“Not now my love, we have to have some fun.”

He made his way to my face, and kissed
me, oh oh wonderful a kiss.

Carlisle interrupted us again by

“May I now present to you Mr. And
Mrs. Mason Dalton Raymond!”

The crowd broke out in cheers, Kelly
came to hug me along with Nachos, Edward walks up with Bella, Emmett
comes up behind me to give a giant bear hug, and whispers in my ear.

“No worries, I tied the dog up out

I laughed aloud as I looked around for
Mason, somehow he had escaped me.

I saw him talking to Elijah, smiling
and laughing, I made my way towards him, towards my
forever and towards my destiny.

Our marriage certificate.



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Re: Twilightvampire17 and Mason Dalton Raymond's wedding

Post by Bella Masen Cullen on Thu Jun 21, 2007 12:33 pm

WOOT! HAPPY WEDDING TV17! *hugshugshugs* YAAAAAY! CONGRATULATIONS! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Off to the reception hall I go! cheers I love you
Bella Masen Cullen

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Re: Twilightvampire17 and Mason Dalton Raymond's wedding

Post by Moonlessnight on Thu Jun 21, 2007 3:09 pm

*squee* Congrats TV17!! *hugs* Yay!!

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Re: Twilightvampire17 and Mason Dalton Raymond's wedding

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